Mood Hood

An immersive self-exploratory art installation


Waking Life Festival June 2024

Crato, Portugal


,Mood Hood'

EO Studiio & Sanna Gossy

'A self-exploratory ride. Meet the oracle in residence, answer some questions, and maybe touch her tactile feel-boxes'. A little keepsake on departure awaits.' -Waking Life 

Fluid Impulses


Nov, Dec 2023 & January 2024

Herbarium Vienna

Hoher Markt 5



Connecting with the motion of creative impulses emanating between

~artist ~pieces ~viewer


See - Contemplate - Create

A concept for the viewer to actively engage with the creative process.

The exhibition showcases balancing sculptures by artist Sanna Gossy alongside meditative Ikebana studies of beauty & balance on photographs by artist Kristina Kulakova


on display online & at Herbarium Officinale

Dec 2023 - Feb 2024



Hoher Markt 5, 1010 Vienna


‘Through deep relaxation and tenderness, we take in an idea on all levels of our being and allow it to be turned, explored, touched, until the mystery unfolds to us as we yield to it.’ 

Richard Rudd on ‘Contemplation’




Hola Venus Gallery


Hola Venus Gallery

Puerto Escondido, México

Design and Creation of a Gallery with In-and Outdoor Spaces, a Plant Scheme and Design Store


2 Exhibitions:

'Eso Sigue Creciendo' 

A Group Exhibition of Latin American Multimedia Contemporary Artists, exploring the idea around growth

In collaboration with Sociedad Tropical

April - June 2022


Photos - Hola Venus Gallery Space in Puerto Escondido, 'Eso Sigue Creciendo' Exhibition Objects, Exhibition Wall Text, Rammed Earth Workshop by Sociedad Tropical, 'Come Draw' Workshop

'Disfruta La Fruta'

Photography and Performance Exhibition

July 2022

'Disfruta La Fruta is a sensory experience that explores eroticism linked to the pleasure of eating fruit, as a reference to connect with our nature and sexuality. Fruit is a source of pleasure, it is key to the regeneration of life cycles, as well as sexuality and eroticism. The artist Lilith Malo shares her vision on diversity and enjoyment of eroticism. She invites us to awaken our senses and connect to our body with this photographic record of each experience made in Barra de Colotepec, Puerto Escondido. In collaboration with photographers from the region, Oaxgun and' By Lilith Malo


Photos - Hola Venus Gallery Space, Opening night Dance And Music Live Performance with Iconic Pinapple Dance for 'Disfruta La Fruta'; Fruit Table, Exhibition, Video & Sound Installation, Pocima drink launch, Artist Lilith Malo on a Yunior Marino Design Bench

Nature Immersion


11-14th January 2021

San José del Pacífico
Oaxaca, México

A Nature Connection Retreat on a permaculture farm in the Oaxacan mountains in collaboration with Regina Röder 

Activities included - Fire & Writing Workshop, Drawing Session, Sound Experience in the Pyramid, Harvesting & Fermentation Workshop on the Lands, Nature Walks & Temazcal




Flora & Sana - Deep Intuitive

Sound Live Performance

Live sound session recored in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, together with Ximena Miranda, her Himalayan Bowls, a Crystal Singing Bowl, chimes and the signature sound of plants through Midi Sprout - a Musical Device, that translates biodata from plants into ethereal music for deep relaxation.