Sanna Gossy

is a visual artist in Vienna.

In her works she is concerned with balances and relationships between nature and humans, with the weighting of physical and mental balance to each other and concepts of nature, stories, reality and perception. Both narrative and static balance is an elementary formal component of the sculptures.

Motifs are the human being, role models, social media, nature and current philosophical positions.

Quotations from art history, nature elements and everyday life are reflected in the realities and surrealities of her work. As a contrast, various recyclable materials are gaining importance as well as with parts of everyday materials.

Strong contrasts and attention to detail humorously give insights into the social-media everyday life and show sculptures, installations, relief-like painting, mini sculptures, overpainted digital prints and photography.




Kristina Kulakova

is an artist working with photography worldwide and instilling her unique vision throughout her work. In her artistic practice, she deals with various themes such as transience, fragility, inner as well as outer perception, emotions, human existence and mental health. Inspired by mediation, and consciousness-expanding experiences in other cultures, Kulakova sees life as a dance around suffering, in which something positive can always occur, enabling us to overcome given problems and reconsider the way of life.

The photographic works are created as part of a meditative process that focuses on the creation of the objects and is characterized by patience and caution. Through this, mindfulness, creativity, attention to detail and a poetic sensitivity in the construction are expressed. The delicate balancing and staging of the sculptural elements are a balancing act that itself reflects the fragility of still life.

With a focus on the cohesion between art, lifestyle, and culture, she notably captures individuality in all forms of the environment, with a strong ability to portray a sense of emotion in any subject.





Anja Siegner 'Nam'

is a painter & collagist, born in Hanover (Germany), growing up also in France and South Africa. Anja now lives and works in Augsburg (Germany).

Her mother was born in Hanoi (Vietnam) and grew up in a refugee camp before coming to France. This heritage is reflected in Anja's poetic blurry imagery based on old black & white photographs without identity, opening up space for imagination and all-encompassing associations.

Anja has completed her fine arts studies at the Art Academy "Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee", with Prof. Ante Majewski and graduated with a Diploma Alumnus, followed by studies at the University of Arts "Universität der Künste Berlin" (UDK) with Prof. Leiko Ikemura with the honour of the master degree "Meisterschüler" in 2013.